Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Billing, and NEMT Medical Transportation

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For the past 25 years SyMed Corporation has been a leader in the Revenue Management and Medical Billing field.  Our CEO Arthur Roosa started doing medical billing for friends and acquaintances and wanted a better more efficient way to take in and prepare those claims for submission so he wrote his own software to do it.  SyMed started from there.  We were one of the first private entities to work with Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid program) in implementing their electronic receipt of medical claims, and one of the first to receive a Medi-Cal electronic submitter ID.

From that one-person company writing software, to today, where we have an in-house software development team; over twenty highly trained billing and accounts receivable team members supervised by one of the best management teams in the industry. SyMed Corporation has grown into a very successful Revenue Cycle Management company. We would love to share our experience with you.  Please give us a call or use the Contact Us form for an introduction to our Revenue Cycle Management and Consulting Services, or for our cloud-based Medical Billing and NEMT Medical Transportation software.

“Meets most of our billing and dispatching needs. As we learn more features (and suggest) on version v.12, it will be even more valuable.”


“The girls who trained me had excellent feedback whenever i needed them to guide me through things that i needed. they continue to help me with the navigation of the website whenever i get lost.”


“They are professional, amazing, they have time to listen to all concerns and they have huge patience! A+”


“SyMed support is fast and efficient.”


“Our medical practice has been working with SyMed Corporation for several years. SyMed provides quality service and expertise for all of our billing needs. We also enjoy the relationships we have built with the employees.

One aspect we really like is that SyMed is always current and knowledgeable about the changes in the laws and regulations of Medicare and MediCal. They ensure that we comply with all the necessary requirements, e.g., the Affordable Care Act retroactive reimbursement. SyMed verified that we qualified for these retroactive payments. The practice realized a substantial amount of revenue as a result of SyMed’s efforts. We couldn’t have done this without their great help. SyMed Corporation and its staff are awesome. We are very happy.”

Rodolfo A. Daquioag, M.D.
“For the past 12 years, SyMed has consistently exceeded my expectations, providing high quality products and excellent customer service. They have provided my business with the best value in technology and support for medical billing. SyMed’s staff has always been outstanding, providing technological expertise and showing a personal commitment to my success.”
Kara Nordberg-CEO, Medical Billing Specialists

“I have worked with SyMed for over 2.5 years.  The company provides front and back-end services for our commercial insurance business.  SyMed shares our agency’s philosophy of “do whatever it takes.”  While this philosophy is the basis of our behavioral health services, they share the same philosophy in customer services.

SyMed is a true business partner that has embraced the concept of their business as an extension of our business. They are integral throughout our business process — from referral to collections.  From the customer perspective, this business process is seamless.  Together, we have learned alongside the world of Autism Services.”

Eleanor Castillo Sumi, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Uplift Family Services