Key Software Features

  • Complete NEMT billing software package.
  • Full Logisticare support and automated billing.  No Trip Logs needed.
  • Patient signature capturing from any mobile device.

  • Trip search results with charged, billed and paid info on every trip line.

  • Cloud based NEMT billing software let’s you work from anywhere.
  • Unlimited users at the same low monthly cost.
  • Extensive search capabilities allow you to find any information you need.
  • Automatic charging by just completing trips.
Heath Care This Way

Organize Your Trips with TripManager Pro

TripManager Pro’s comprehensive features ensure you’re paid for every trip. From the first call to depositing payment in your bank, our NEMT billing software keeps you informed. You have a 360 degree view of your revenue so you can view it any way you wish. If you want to view it from the individual trip level we have that information for you. Need a complete accounting of all revenue? We can easily display that for you.

TripManager Pro’s search and filters display the information you need. A variety of reports manage all aspects of your NEMT billing.

NEMT and ALS/BLS Billing Software

SyMed Corporation’s NEMT and ALS/BLS billing software is the one software package you can’t live without. A single monthly subscription price that you can cancel anytime allows unlimited users, unlimited training, and unlimited support. We understand questions and issues can arise, so full support is always included at no extra charge.

TripManager Pro’s AutoCharger Automates Your Billing Process

With TripManager Pro you just complete the runs you have made and let the AutoCharger make your charges for you. An exception report shows you any trips that need editing. With one click of the button charges are created from all your completed trips. You don’t need extensive billing experience to bill from TripManager Pro!