Key Software Features

  • Cloud-based, work from anywhere

  • Easy to use Medical Billing Software

  • Mobile friendly

  • Powerful search feature

  • Unlimited users

  • Portal for your clients

  • Responsive design

  • One low monthly charge

  • No hidden fees

ClaimsManager Pro: Balance in your Life

SyMed’s ClaimsManager Pro is a comprehensive Medical Billing software package ideal for small to medium sized Billing Services or Medical Practices.  Cloud-based, with a responsive design, allows you to work from anywhere there is an internet connection.  You and your employees can work from home, or you could check in on things while on vacation anywhere in the world. Your clients can also run reports from anywhere 24/7.

Complete Revenue Cycle Management Medical Billing Software

ClaimsManager Pro is not only Medical Billing software but a complete Revenue Cycle Management application. For the small to mid-sized Billing Service or Medical Practice ClaimsManager Pro offers all the tools needed to track your revenue from procedure to deposit.

Advanced Search Engine

ClaimsManager Pro has a powerful search engine that allows you to easily find the data you need. By using filters you can narrow or expand your search as needed. Almost every area of the software has an accompanying search tool to allow an easy and intuitive work flow. Whether you want to search for patients, charges, payments, billing, or EOBs, you can find information quickly and easily. Search results, combined with filtering and sorting, make the work flow even easier.

With the advance search comes a “Multi-Edit” feature that allows you to edit common data once for all claims. This feature is especially useful to update policy or demographic information.