Frequently Asked Questions2020-05-02T03:38:15-07:00
How do I get our claims to you?2020-05-02T03:18:04-07:00

We have three options: faxing, priority mail, or electronic submission.

Will I have a dedicated administrator to our account?2020-05-02T03:18:37-07:00

Yes. SyMed Corporation utilizes a “team” billing approach. Your account will be handled by a small team that will all be cross-trained on your account as well as an account manager, managing the processes and the team.

What is the cost?2020-05-02T03:19:10-07:00

It depends. Factors that affect pricing include how well we can streamline the flow of information between your practice and our billing service, how many custom features your practice needs, and what our initial startup costs are to get you up and running. There is a charge on the percentage of total revenue collected for outsourcing your billing.

How often are my claims processed?2020-05-02T03:19:13-07:00

Claims are processed within 72 hours.

When do you begin the follow-up process for unpaid claims?2020-05-02T03:19:35-07:00

If claims are not paid within the 30 days, allowable by law, SyMed begins the follow-up process. Aging reports are produced, review of outstanding claims occurs, and payment issues are resolved by with the insurance companies We receive payment and post receipts into our system. SyMed generates statements for patient balances and mail as needed. Patients call SyMed for assistance and SyMed handles the patient on behalf of your company.

Do you transmit claims electronically?2020-05-02T03:21:55-07:00

Yes, to those companies that have the capabilities and we do process certain payers on paper.

Will you also be submitting secondary claims?2020-05-02T03:22:03-07:00

Secondary submissions are included in our service.

How do we get our existing patient data to you?2020-05-02T03:22:27-07:00

There are three options: 1) Provide your patient information on the excel file format provided for you at the time of integration 2) A complete printout (or softcopy) from your existing system or 3) Provide the most current patient information as you see them (gives you the opportunity to “start fresh” with your data and have your patients re-register.

How quickly can you transition the billing?2020-05-02T03:22:14-07:00

To ensure the smoothest transition, SyMed expects to spend 2-3 weeks on converting the billing over to our systems.

Should we continue to work our previous billings/collections once SyMed takes over?2020-05-02T03:23:06-07:00

We recommend that you continue to work (post payments and rebill) your existing accounts receivable. If this is not possible, we can handle that as well with an additional fee for the service. SyMed will convert the old accounts receivable and integrate it into our existing production schedule to minimize the amount of billing postponements and disruption in cash flow because of outsourcing your data with an expected conversion time of at least 14 days.

Where does my money go?2020-05-02T03:23:18-07:00

There are two options: Checks and EOBs are sent to you at our office address. We post the payments and deposit the checks directly to your bank account. The turn-around time is 24 hours. The second choice is to have funds transferred directly to your bank account (if available). Either way we can appropriately track, follow up on denials and chose the loop on all reimbursement activity.

What if an insurance company denies a claim?2020-05-02T03:25:45-07:00

Most times, claims are denied due to missing information. SyMed will submit all documentation needed, contact the client for missing information on behalf of your company, and resubmit the claim for repayment immediately.

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