Online Transportation Scheduling and Dispatching Application

SyMed Corporation has developed a web based or online scheduling and dispatching module that you can use for your transportation business. An easy to use schedule and dispatching system will allow your staff to quickly setup and manage your fleet whether they are ambulances, NEMT vans or any other dispatched vehicle. Because this is an online system you can access it from anywhere there is internet access. Have a lot of vehicles, don’t worry about it. With an ingenious client/server design you can update the dispatch grid with a click of the button and you don’t have to worry about any lag time because of the size of your fleet.


SyMed Corporation’s online scheduler is easy and intuitive to use. With database support you have a complete list of your clients or patients along with all drivers and vans at your disposal from simple to use drop down tools.

    Online Schedule Screen

  • Automatic mileage calculation.
  • Schedule up to four pickup and drop off locations for each run.
  • Copy schedule tool for easy renewals.
  • Personal demographic data. Know your clients.
  • Instant Medi-Cal eligibility lookup for your NEMT business.
  • Revenue projection reports based on scheduled runs.


The online dispatching system has been designed on the latest web programming technology. It’s designed to be easy to use and quick to update because we know that time is money. Along with the scheduler it’s the perfect tool for your transportation dispatching needs.

  • With an ingenious Client/Server design you can load individual trips extremely fast even while updating your full dispatch grid from our servers.
  • Real time server updates keep you constantly aware of the current status of all your vehicles.
  • Easily update route information with the click of a button.
  • Divisions and sorting for easy organization.


    Online Dispatch Screen

  • The online dispatching system can be integrated into many GPS systems if they support a location based application programming interface. We currently work with a GPS provider but can integrate with most systems that support integration.
  • Need billing to go along with your transportation business? SyMed Corporation is also a billing service and you can have access to the online scheduling and dispatching services as part of your client package with us.
  • Full time developers on staff.

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